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Glutathione Precursor Cysteine

The Power of Cysteine

Today, we are going to review the importance of the glutathione precursor cysteine and how every cell in your body reacts to a toxin, to either: try to survive, maintain cellular health or improve cellular health, with and without optimal glutathione levels.

We will also point out that Immunocal® is a proven and patented food supplement which is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine. If you would like to review all the published information relating to Immunocal®, visit our proof section here.

Rather than getting into all the big scientific words and explanations regarding the process of intracellular glutathione production and how glutathione protects your cells, we will make this overview extremely simple and easy to understand.

Glutathione and Our Toxic Environment:

For the majority of the global population, dangerous toxins are bombarding the cells in our bodies on a daily basis. The levels of toxic exposure range from very low to extremely high, depending upon where you live and what you consume each day.

Arguably, even the most pristine environments are not necessarily free from toxins. As an example, you may live on an island in the middle of the ocean, which could mean your air is pure. But, if you are eating imported foods, your are probably consuming toxins. However, the point of this post is not about how clean your environment is, it’s about natures cellular protection molecule, glutathione.

The image below is a simplified example of what happens inside our cells on a daily basis, with and without sufficient levels of intracellular glutathione. We also show a simplified explanation of how the cysteine found within the unique whey protein isolate contained in Immunocal®  combines with 2 other amino acids to produce glutathione inside our cells:


In Figure 3, we see that GLUTAMIC ACID and GLYCINE blend with CYSTEINE to produce GSH (short for glutathione). The important point to understand here is that glutamic acid and glycine are abundant in our food chain. The rate limiting factor of intracellular glutathione production is the presence of bonded cysteine (cysteine in its natural state of 2 molecules linked together). This natural source of cysteine is what Immunocal® contains.

The darkened cell which is full of toxins in Figure 1 is our example of a cell that does not have sufficient amounts of glutathione to keep the cell clean and healthy. Glutathione is the bodies master antioxidant and detoxifier. Essentially, anything that is not supposed to be in your cell is captured by glutathione and removed from the cell through a complex process we are not discussing today.

As exaggerated as this image may be, the point is very clear. Without sufficient supply of glutathione, the toxins our bodies are exposed to daily, wreak havoc on our cells and we eventually end up: sick, with low energy, faster aging and eventually cancers and other so called “environmental diseases” receive minimal resistance from the immune system.

The list of toxins that glutathione removes from our cells is virtually unlimited and even includes heavy metals and radiation. So, whether you are considering: car exhaust, air pollution, cigarette smoke, food chemicals, contaminated or treated tap water,  chemical residues in bottled water, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or whatever other industrial toxic invader you can think of, it is the job of glutathione to remove it from the cell.


Figure 2 represents a cell with optimized glutathione levels. Once again, this exaggerated image clearly shows that with sufficient amounts of glutathione in the cell, your cells are healthy because the toxins are removed when detected. The result of healthy and clean cells is: increased energy, longer individual cell life (slower aging), faster reaction to viruses and bacteria for your immune system and improved overall health and wellness. This really is nothing more than common sense when you compare the two.

Why is Immunocal® the Best Choice?

To understand this, we must first understand the natural process of intracellular glutathione production. This all starts with the first food for all mammals, mothers milk.

Dr. Gustavo Bounous discovered something very special in milk, but the big discovery was how to capture this critical element of intracellular glutathione production in its natural (undenatured) state.

Among several other unique and key elements, the main component that makes Immunocal® the best available supplement for intracellular glutathione production is the cysteine. The patented process that Dr. Bounous discovered is how to separate the cysteine from the other parts of the milk without breaking the natural bond that is required for the cysteine to enter the cells.

Cysteine is actually 2 separate molecules which are linked in nature by a delicate bond. If this bond is broken, the individual molecules cannot enter the cell. High pasteurization temperatures and high speed mixers break this bond.

This is why drinking pasteurized milk offers no benefits for glutathione production and mixing Immunocal® with a blender renders it nothing more than a protein supplement with no ability to increase glutathione levels in your cells.


Unfortunately, our world today is littered with fraudulent products and products that have potentially dangerous side effects. We are not going to make a list, but you should know a few things to help you make the right choice when it comes to optimizing your intracellular glutathione levels.

  1. Glutathione supplements do not increase intracellular glutathione levels. The glutathione molecule itself is too big to enter the cell and must be produced naturally, inside the cell, with the precursors required. So, buying glutathione supplements is a waste of money.
  2. There are drugs and other chemical or artificial compounds available on the market that have shown to increase intracellular glutathione. If you are OK with that and you feel this is the best choice for you, go ahead. Keep in mind, there can be side effects and there are toxic dose levels with these drugs and chemicals.
  3. Immunocal® is a whey protein isolate that has been extracted from milk that does not contain: antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, drugs or chemicals. You will not find a more pure source of whey protein.
  4. The whey that is found in Immunocal® has been extracted through a patented process that captures the critical molecules our bodies require to produce intracellular glutathione via the natural process in which our bodies have been designed.
  5. It takes 300 liters of RAW milk to produce 1kg of Immunocal®. There are 10g of Immunocal® in each individual pouch. Therefore, it takes 300 liters of RAW milk to produce 100 pouches of Immunocal®. So, if you want, you can drink 3 liters of RAW milk per day to get the equivalent amount of glutathione precursors that are found in 1 packet of Immunocal®. Most people consume 2 packs per day (6 liters of milk) to maintain a strong immune system. People who are very sick take 3 to 4 packs per day (9 to 12 liters) and some take even more… Good luck with drinking all that RAW milk.
    The cows that produce whey for Immunocal® are strictly controlled.Don’t forget, you will also need to find a farmer offering raw milk that does not contain: antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides, drugs or chemicals to compare to what you get from Immunocal®.






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Health and Wealth Outlook for 2014

Health Outlook in 2014

Here we are at lucky year 2014! For those of you who like the number 7, you will see this year as a very special one, with all numbers relating to LUCKY 7!! Obviously this is important for me and the year is certainly looking like a great year!! So, to start things off, we are going to take a look at some health issues along with a small discussion about wealth.

health and wealth outlook for 2014

What about our health??

Well, we started off the year with 2 viruses popping their heads up again. How crazy is that?? We have seen the bird flu and the pig flu again this year, so I guess this is the year that pigs fly!!

All kidding aside, sadly some people have already lost their lives because of these viruses and I am hearing of people getting very sick with a flu that takes a considerable amount of time to recover from. So, of course, the media and drug companies are pushing the flu shots again… Choices, choices, CHOICES!

How about a natural approach?

What about letting your immune system take care of these cellular invaders?

What about making sure your intracellular glutathione levels are at their optimum levels??

For our family, this is our approach and year after year, we have no fear and any sort of illness comes and goes quickly. This is because our glutathione rich immune systems attack anything that is not supposed to be there…

So, like every year that comes and goes, you have a choice to make. You can opt for the flu shot if you want, or you can choose to recognize that your body is a biological masterpiece that works much better with all the ingredients it needs from your diet.

The foundation to your immune system and many other critical functions of your cells is glutathione. For our family, we use Immunocal® to raise glutathione levels because Immunocal® is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Decades of clinical and scientific research has enabled Immunotec® (providers of Immunocal®) to label their boxes with incredibly powerful claims for this natural food supplement. You can take a closer look at our overview of Immunocal® by clicking here.

Immunocal® Box with information highlights

You will notice on the box there are 2 claims:

Top right: A natural supplement that is scientifically and clinically proven to optimize your immune system.

Botton left: Natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me this is proof enough. However, my opinion may be biased since I have known about this product for many years and we have had NOTHING but amazing success with our immune systems.

So, this post is quite simply designed to help you, as a potential new user of Immunocal®, to realize this is not just about someone shouting from the rooftop that they have a good product. This product is proven!!

The choice is yours and you can buy Immunocal® here!


Now, let’s look further into what is happening in our world these days, as we venture into the year 2014 and beyond.

Let’s take a look at our fruits and vegetables for a moment. As you may or may not be fully aware, these plants draw their nutrition from the earth, water and sun. Obviously this means that they draw their nutrients for growth from the environment and of course what the farmer provides for supplements (natural kaka and other earthly vegetative leftovers and such or chemicals and well, chemicals).

Choose your fruits and vegetables carefully to avoid toxic chemicals

We have known for many years that organic produce is much healthier than what is grown with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Yes, you have to pay more for it, but it tastes much better and of course the health benefits are immeasurable.

So, let’s call these choices for produce, option #1 (organic) and option #2 (main stream).

After many years, people have started to lose their health, even though we live in a world that boasts scientific mastery which is so advanced that we can practically combine the parts of 2 human beings (transplants) and these transplant patients can go on living for many years with someone elses limbs or organs. Yet, we cannot seem to get a handle on cancer!!??

Let’s just call this the garden path syndrome because in my PERSONAL opinion, people are being lead down a toxic garden path that does more harm than good and when they eventually die, science mocks it up be be whatever they want to call the reasons… At the same time, those people who have found alternatives and follow their own garden path of good nutrition and effective supplements are given no merit when they come back later and tell their doctor that they cured themselves of that which ailed them.

To a growing number of people, what I am talking about here is no secret. More and more people every day are breaking free of the indoctrination which stems from big pharma and GOOD FOR THEM!!

But, I wanted to send out another alert because option #3 is knocking at your door and it is worse that anyone can possibly imagine.

So, what is option #3?

Do you know what GMO stands for? Genetically Modified Organisms (What???? Who the heck authorized this?)

Do you realize what is contained within GMO fruits and vegetables?

Let’s take a closer look here…

We already know from options #1 and #2 that natural is better and the chemicals involved with the production of #2 are very dangerous and causing people to become sick. So, what exactly is the main difference with GMO’s?

Well, how about the fact that these plants have been genetically modified so that they can handle much higher concentrations of herbicides and pesticides to promote better growth and less environmental losses!!

Translated – GMO fruits and vegetables are even more toxic than those from option #2. You have to realize that planting GMO crops make it possible to practically drown the plants in chemicals so they grow nice and big and fast and any insect that touches them does not live long enough to do any kind of damage… Is this what you want to feed yourself and your family??

Do you realize that these biological living, breathing, eating, drinking organizms, called plants, absorb what is given to them and when it gets to your dinner plate, what has been absorbed is right there on your dinner plate, disguised as a beautiful healthy meal?

Please tell me the reason why more and more and MORE people in Canada and the USA are getting cancer today? Forget about treatment options for a moment, I am just talking about incidences of cancer… Now, I don’t live there currently, but I am hearing from my North American friends, who are very concerned and they are telling me cancer rates are out of control.

It’s 2014 people!!

We the people have the power!!

Social media, instant free global communications, information!!!

Make this the year you stop walking blindly down the toxic garden path. Take control of your health, change your eating habits, stop consuming this toxic junk, look for alternative news sources to verify stories, rather than assuming mainstream media is telling you the truth and raise your glutathione levels.

Glutathione is the foundation to the health of every cell in your body. Don’t wait until it’s too late… the writing is on the wall.

For us, the choice is Immunocal® for raising glutathione levels. This is because it is the best and it is proven. If you want to take your chances on something else, that’s your business. Just stay away from trying to supplement with glutathione itself, this cannot enter your cells. Glutathione MUST be produced inside the cell and for this to occur, your body needs the building blocks. Immunocal® contains the key building block, cysteine (in its natural bonded state), along with several other critical natural elements required by the body.

Don’t sell yourself short to save a few bucks, its not worth it.



2014 Wealth Outlook

What about your financial health?

Year after year, after year… after year, your money is buying less and less. Taxes keep going up, cost of living keeps going up, inflation continues… Yet, buying power is not keeping the same growth rate and salaries have mostly held the same for many years now. The job market is dismal, even those who have higher education are struggling to find a job that will set them up for life (does that even exist today??).

So, what options do the “financially eager” middle class and low income individual have available to them today?

Well, for starters, how about a home business that offers multiple tax advantages? That makes sense… why not pay less tax, while increasing your overall income? This is like double dipping!!

I am not going to get into the multiple options that are available to you because there are just too many to list. However, let’s take a look at what we have available here at Immunotec®.

Take a look at the Immunotec business opportunity

1. Immunotec® is a rock solid, stable company, with Immunocal® headlining their line of high quality nutritional products. You will not find a more proven natural supplement than Immunocal®. It is the KING/QUEEN of natural products and you can easily become a consultant, without breaking the bank!!

2. When you are involved with Immunotec® as a consultant, there are 2 key things available to you: a) an unlimited income potential. b) the ability to provide Immunocal® to you and your family, without the cost of Immunocal® being a deterrant (if your commissions are higher than your product cost).

3. When you understand the importance of Immunocal®, not only does this become a product you want for your own family, but you will want to make sure your friends and loved ones also know about it. This in turn increases your income level, while at the same time, giving them the option to also get involved as a consultant.

4. The time you put into building your Immunotec® business will not be time wasted. This company has been on the market for 18 years and it will still be here 30 years from now. So, this is a business you will be able to pass on to your loved ones.

5. This is not a business where you need to create a store front and pay employees or additional business expenses incurred by other types of businesses. You just tell people about the product and opportunity, buy your product each month for your personal use and if you are serious about it, you will end up with Immunotec® sending you monthly commissions that can far exceed your minimal business expenses and product costs.

So, at the end of the day, here at Immunotec® you have access to a combination of good physical health and strong financial health which you can start here in 2014 and carry on for many years to come!!

To get started as an Immunotec® Consultant, click here and then proceed to your respective country flag for direct access to the proper registration page. There are various options available to you for your starter kit.

All the best in health and wealth in 2014!!

The Immunocal.MD Team




Magistral® Special Price

November Product Promotion – 20% Off Magistral®

Every month, Immunotec® offers one of their products with special discount prices. For the month of November that product is Magistral® for Men. Magistral® is an excellent addition to your daily health routine, especially if you are a man over 40 years of age.

With Immunocal® and Immunocal® Platinum being the flagship products of Immunotec® Inc., the addition of Magistral® was the perfect marriage for men who are concerned about the health of their prostate. Immunocal® of course gives your body the food it needs to optimize glutathione levels, which is critical for overall health and well being. Magistral® is an herbal blend designed specifically as an effective, fast acting natural alternative for supporting prostate health.

To purchase Magistral® or Immunocal® visit:


Be sure to take advantage of this Magistral® Special Price and SAVE! You can get 3 bottles with a 20% discount. The normal dose is 1 bottle per month, so buy your 12 month supply now and save money all year long!!

Immunotec® Consultants can buy 3 bottles for $58.55. So, if you are not already a consultant, CLICK HERE and get your Starter Kit today.

For complete information, including a video overview regarding the manufacturing process of Magistral® visit our link at: This is an important video for you to watch because it shows the high level of quality control that Immunotec® applies to their manufacturing processes. Learn about the most important natural ingredient, Saw Palmetto, for maintaining a healthy prostate and find out why Magistral® is the supplement of choice.


Click to view image: 

Magistral® November Promotion

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Immunocal® Discount Purchases

How much money do you want to save with your Immunocal® purchase?

There are several different options to choose from when you make your decision to buy Immunocal®, Immunocal® Platinum and any of the other Immunotec® products.


Option 1 – Full Retail Price

Purchasing the Immunotec® products at full retail is very simple and does not require any type of registration. You simply choose your initial product from below, fill your shopping cart with whatever additional products you wish to purchase and proceed to the check out.

Option 2 – 20% ImmunoDirect Customer Discount

Registering as an ImmunoDirect Customer gives you the ability to save 20% on all your purchases. If you maintain an automatic order for 3 consecutive months, you will receive either a FREE BOX of Immunocal® or Immunocal® Platinum (FREE BOX every 3 months possible). Box received depends on monthly order – ask for details.

Option 3 – 30% Consultant Discount

As an Immunotec® Consultant, you will receive the highest available discounts that are offered by the company. Additional benefits include: ability to earn commissions for referral sales, ability to earn trips and accommodations to Immunotec® events, access to much higher discounts when purchasing your first order (Starter Pack).

If you maintain an automatic order for 3 consecutive months, you will receive either a FREE BOX of Immunocal® or Immunocal® Platinum (FREE BOX every 3 months possible). Box received depends on monthly order – ask for details.


Each link below will direct you to all the available discount options for the purchase you wish to make. Simply click the desired link, choose your discount on the next page and enter the required information to complete your purchase.


Discount Purchases for Immunocal®

Immunocal® Discount Purchases:

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Discount Purchases for Immunocal® Platinum

Immunocal® Platinum Discount Purchases:

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Discount Purchases for Immunotec® Products

Immunotec® Product Discount Purchases:

Each link below will display the Immunotec® Products that are available in the respective country. You can then decide which products you wish to add to your shopping cart and the discount you desire before check out.

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Discount Purchases with Immunotec® Starter Packs

Immunotec® Consultant Starter Pack Purchases:

Each link below will take you to an overview page which will explain the benefits of being an Immunotec® Consultant. When you choose to become a Consultant you will be taken to a registration page. After filling in your details you will be taken to a page which displays the available Starter Packs for the respective country.

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If you have any questions or need clarification before completing your purchase. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.



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Your Own Business

Have you found yourself wishing you were self employed and running your own business lately?

Run Your Own Business

Are you wondering what it would be like to control your time and finally get paid what you are worth?

Does being free to make the choices that are best for you and your family, rather than your boss or the company you work for, sound good to you?

Surely you must know people in your circle who have already made that choice (big or small – part time or full time) and no doubt the majority of these people are quite happy and doing at very least, all right!

In today’s world, when we look around the job market, it’s easy to see why literally tens of thousands of people each month are opting to start their own business. Starting part time, in your spare time (TV can wait and Internet time can be monetized) is the easiest route for most people. This only takes a small commitment from you and you are on your way… JUST DO IT!!

Self Employment Growth

The advantages of running your own business far outweigh the disadvantages (if there are any at all). The bottom line; if you are a hard worker and you don’t give up when the going gets tough, there is a very good chance you can make a great life being self employed. Here are a couple blogs you can check out if you would like to get a second opinion:

State of Independence

Divorcing Your Job


You are never too old to start your own business

Obviously the biggest challenge is starting a business that will reward you for your efforts and sustain for years to come. To find the right company, you can either invest massive amounts of money for a proven franchise, you can invest a few tens of thousands of dollars less to get your own idea started, or you can invest less than $1000 and become part of Immunotec Inc.

Immunotec® is a rock solid company that offers the absolute most proven natural supplement in the entire world. You will not find anything on the market with any where close to the amount of real medical science that comes with your Immunotec® business.

The fact that we have low start up costs is also very attractive in today’s marketplace and business world. However, it is extremely important to ensure that you are with the right team of people.

Joining our Team offers several distinct advantages, including; access to our co-op internet marketing business building platform, lead generation campaigns, targeted advertising, full training and total support.

We have spent thousands of hours developing our marketing and information system and we invite all our Team Members to get involved with our action plan to expand their business through the Internet. One of the biggest challenges people face when starting their own business is expanding into the cold market, our system will help you do this with proven and effective methods.

So, if you are interested in starting your own business selling Immunocal® and our other top quality nutritional products, we invite you to join our Team. Contact us today for complete details regarding our marketing system and the best way for you to get started with Immunotec Inc.


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Immunocal® Autumn Promotion

If you are interested in making Immunocal® a part of your life, DO NOT MISS this promotion!

The Immunotec® Fall Promotion for Immunocal®

From now until December 31st Immunotec® is offering their STAND TALL IN THE FALL promotion, which is designed to help Affiliates get started on the right foot.

This promotion offers higher than normal discounts for UK starter packs. Actually, that is an understatement… these discounts are MUCH HIGHER than normal for residents in the United Kingdom. In fact, this is an AMAZING deal for anyone wanting to buy Immunocal® at the lowest prices possible.

Depending upon your country of residence, you will find that the Affiliate Starter Packs offer excellent savings. In addition, if you decide to tell a few people about this promotion, you can earn excellent additional bonuses.

For complete details, go to our Immunocal® Purchase Page and start the registration process to reveal the available packages in your country. If you have any questions, there are several contact options for you to choose from on the pages of our site.

1 Promotion Not Available in Mexico.

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Immunocal® Summer Promotion

Immunocal® Summer Promotion

Sale Ends August 31 – Don’t Miss Out!!


Immunocal Summer Promotion - Huge Discounts - Best Price

The Immunotec® business is booming!

In the summer of 2013 Immunotec® launched the biggest promotion in the history of the company. Immunocal® Starter Packs offered with discounts up to 58%.

If you have not taken advantage of this special introductory offer yet, you have until midnight (New York/Toronto time) August 31.

For your benefit, we have provided regular prices for both Immunocal® and Immunocal® Platinum. You will notice that even the fully discounted affiliate price is considerably higher than the prices offered in the Immunocal® Summer Promotion.


Take a Look!! Take Advantage!!

Purchase Your Immunocal Pack Now!!!


Regular Immunocal® Prices:

Full Retail Customer Affiliate
$99 (Canada/USA)
€71 (Ireland)
£66 (UK)
$79 (Canada/USA)
€57 (Ireland)
£53 (UK)
$69 (Canada/USA)
€50 (Ireland)
£46 (UK)


Regular Immunocal® Platinum Prices:

Full Retail Customer Affiliate
$141 (Canada/USA)
€99 (Ireland)
£94 (UK)
$113 (Canada/USA)
€79 (Ireland)
£75 (UK)
$99 (Canada/USA)
€69 (Ireland)
£65 (UK)


The Immunocal® Summer Promotion Packs below clearly display fantastic discounts for this one of a kind product. If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, Immunotec® grants you with yearly discounts of 30% and the ability to earn commissions for referral sales. Here at Immunocal.MD, we offer you multiple ways to grow your business with full support and guidance.

If you are not interested in promoting the business, we still encourage you to take advantage of this special offer to purchase Immunocal® at these amazingly low prices. You are not obligated to promote, but you can still enjoy the 30% discount for future orders for 1 full year.


Click Your Country Promotion to Purchase:


Immunocal Promotion Lowest Price Canada USA











Immunocal Promotion Lowest Price Ireland Buy Now











Immunocal Promotion Lowest Price in UK





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GMO Food in Baby Formula

GMO in baby formula - sign the petitionGMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are being forced into our food chain and apparently they are found in baby formula also.

For those in the know, that would be enough to seek out organic alternatives, such as: HiPP Organic (all links open in new window), or to make all efforts to breastfeed (we know this is not always possible and sometimes extremely difficult, but it is the best solution). This was in part the beginning of Immunocal® because one of the questions on the mind of Dr. Gustavo Bounous was; (paraphrasing) Why are babies who are breast fed more immune than those who are not?

Now, we come to learn that this very dangerous experiment with GMO foods is finding its way into the baby formula that is supposed to help your child grow well and be healthy.

Well, let’s take a closer look at GMO foods:

This issue first came to my attention after reading a post on my Facebook which I then shared and have now decided to write a post for our Immunocal® readers. has started a petition and the following excerpts are what I feel are extremely important for people to realize:

“The vast majority of corn and soy-based ingredients in processed foods in the United States, including infant formula, come from genetically engineered crops developed by Monsanto and other biotechnology companies.  Dairy ingredients may come from dairy cows that were treated with genetically engineered bovine growth hormones.”

“Many of the ingredients used in infant formula, especially soy-based formula, are derived from crops that have been genetically altered to internally produce pesticides or to be resistant to specific herbicides, so that weed killers that would normally kill or injure the plant can be sprayed more frequently and at higher doses.  GMO foods that have been genetically engineered by Monsanto and other chemical manufacturers have not been adequately tested for long-term human health or environmental safety.”

Now, let’s take a different look at this. We have already highlighted this issue as it is with GMO food sources in the baby formula. But, what about the GMO food sources in general?? Look at that second excerpt; genetically altered to internally produce pesticides or to be resistant to specific herbicides, so that weed killers that would normally kill or injure the plant can be sprayed more frequently and at higher doses.

Well, I don’t know about how you feel about that last statement, but it should not take a whole lot of thought to realize that these GMO foods ARE NOT HEALTHY for you…


Who’s bright idea was all this GMO stuff?? 

After doing a little more research that I could share with you regarding this GMO problem, I found some blogs that I would like to share with you for further insight from experts: has a very informative section relating to this GMO issue. is another excellent resource dedicated to GMO. will give you further understanding about this GMO problem and for those of you living in the USA, here is an excerpt that should probably make you at very least ask – WHY?

“Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In more than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs. In the U.S., the government has approved GMOs based on studies conducted by the same corporations that created them and profit from their sale.”

How can you protect yourself from GMO foods?

Apparently that depends where you live since this is not a global issue at this point. Although, these GMO foods could be finding their way into your food chain regardless.

If you know anything about glutathione (GSH) you will know this is the bodies natural antioxidant and detoxifier, so that would be a very good starting point. If you know anything about Immunocal® you will know Immunocal® is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system. If you put that into perspective you would probably be ready to buy some Immunocal® to optimize your glutathione levels.

There are so many other reasons to increase glutathione levels and Immunocal® is your absolute best source to increase intracellular glutathione levels naturally. So don’t try to cut corners because the companies and products who jumped on the glutathione band wagon after the research that lead to Immunocal® do not give you want Immunocal® gives. Refer to our glutathione page for further information with regard to these matters.

Please Share and Sign the GMO Petition

GMO in baby formula - sign the petition



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Radiation in OUR WORLD Today

radiation warningRadiation is becoming a major concern around the world today. After the major earthquake that hit Japan and the subsequent tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, radiation is finding its way into our environment at alarming levels.

The following website points to several scary details regarding this growing radiation problem: Radiation (all links open in new window)

Additionally, you can visit for additional information regarding the fallout of radiation and the potential impacts that can follow. The image below shows the spread of radiation following the disaster in Fukushima:

fukushima radiation nuclear fallout map


Further information regarding this very serious radiation threat to our children on the West Coast of North America:

(NaturalNews) New peer-reviewed research published in the Open Journal of Pediatrics raises fresh concerns about the health effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on American children and babies. As has long been suspected by those with an understanding of the widespread reach of radioactive fallout from Fukushima, newborns living in California, Hawaii, Washington, and other West Coast states appear to have been directly affected by Fukushima fallout in a serious way, which is reflected by the disproportionate rate of hypothyroidism observed amongst this demographic.

Learn more:

So, the obvious question on many peoples minds is; what can I do about this radiation threat?

Well, there is one thing we know for sure about Immunocal®Immunocal® is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Immunocal® is categorically your best natural source to increase intracellular glutathione levels. Don’t be fooled by the pretenders who choose to claim their products are just as good and use the research done by Dr. Gustavo Bounous to prop up their inferior products. Immunocal® is very specific and that is why it has all the “method of use” patents. If the other products are just as good, they should have these types of patents also, but they do not. So, do the math yourself and don’t gamble with your health to save a few bucks.

But what do we know about the glutathione/radiation connection?

Glutathione – “Detoxification System”

Hundreds of toxins are eliminated by the GSH enzyme system, including drug breakdown products, pollutants, carcinogens and radiation damage. It’s no surprise that GSH concentrations are highest in the liver, the body’s major detoxifying organ. We inhale and ingest natural and synthetic toxins every day of our lives and can’t possibly avoid them, especially in our technological times, our congested and polluted cities and with our bio-engineered food supplies. Experimental studies have shown that low glutathione levels lead to poor liver and kidney function, and result in unnecessarily large quantities of toxins circulating through the body. There, they continuously damage individual cells and organs.

For additional information regarding Glutathione, visit our page titled: Glutathione – What is it? Why is Immunocal® your Best Choice?

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