What is Immunocal®?

Immunocal® Box with highlightsImmunocal® is a whey protein isolate, a natural supplement that is scientifically and clinically proven to optimize your immune system.

When Immunocal® was first released to the market in Canada, it was sold under the trade name: HMS 90. This acronym meant; Humanized Milk Serum 90% Protein. The reason the product was sold as HMS 90 in Canada was because the name Immunocal® implied a medical claim that Health Canada was not comfortable with at the time.

In 2009 a monumental event occurred for Immunotec® in Canada. It was in this year that our perfect whey protein powder, officially became the best whey protein… the gold standard whey protein… the undisputable king of medical grade whey protein isolates in Canada and the rest of the world. HMS 90, from that point forward became officially know and marketed as Immunocal® in Canada, as well as the rest of the open markets.


What happened in 2009 that was such a big achievement?

After all the clinical and scientific data had been compiled and presented, Health Canada completed their review and allowed the name change from HMS 90 to Immunocal®.


Immunocal® in the CPS

In addition to that, Immunocal® became listed in the CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties), which is the medical textbook found in every doctors office and pharmacy, in Canada, listing the available medicines and has been every year since.

That’s a pretty big achievement!


Of course, some will argue that we could be just writing all these words without it being truthful. Fair statement, since it’s pretty common for companies in our world today to exaggerate, lie or twist the truth to put a nice cherry on top of their marketing campaigns. So, logically, unless you went out and bought the CPS yourself, or asked your doctor to look it up, how would you know otherwise?


Well, how about this?

If you go to this link: Health Canada, it will take you to the official Health Canada website and you will arrive at a page that shows the listing of Immunocal®/HMS 90 and there you will see a statement that says: Natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.

A statement like this is commonly known as a medical claim, which is normally forbidden for natural products in Canada (hence the reason Immunocal® “Immune” ocal had to be called HMS 90, because the name had the word “immune” in it).

Immunocal® was the first natural product that gained such notoriety and is the ONLY whey protein; isolate, supplement or powder to be listed and recognized to such a massive extent.

Ok, so that’s great! But what about our friends and family in the USA?? What sort of proof do they have about this premium whey protein isolate, called Immunocal®?

Well, actually they were way ahead of us up here in Canada. Every year since 2001, Immunocal® has been listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) which is the American equivalent to the CPS in Canada. In the PDR it says:



Immunocal® in the PDRImmunocal® PDR® 2013

Glutathione precursor (Bonded cysteine™ supplement)
Powder Sachets
Immunocal® is a U.S. patented natural food protein isolate in the FDA category of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) which assists the body in maintaining optimal concentrations of glutathione (GSH) by supplying the precursors required for intracellular glutathione synthesis. It is clinically proven to raise glutathione values.


Prefer to see the Official Site? Go to Immunocal® in the PDR



This is undeniable proof that Immunocal® is an EXTREMELY special product.

In addition, Immunocal® is also found in the Pharmacists Red Book.

For complete information about the recognition of Immunocal®, visit: Immunocal® Recognition




If real science is what you want from your health choices, buy Immunocal.



Additional Immunocal® Information:

I can imaging you are wondering how and why a natural product could be given this sort of status. Especially one that is being sold by individuals like you and I in the direct selling / MLM market. It almost doesn’t make any sense.

Well, here is the answer:

Immunocal® is a medical discovery, first and foremost. How the product is being marketed today is irrelevant, but it is a testament to the power of people and word of mouth marketing expansion. Having said that, obviously there has to be some real science behind this product, otherwise it could not possibly have the heaps of credibility that is available.

The research that lead to the discovery of Immunocal® was being conducted at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada. This research was being funded in part by the Medical Research Council of Canada and the National Cancer Institute of Canada.

To review the full story of the discovery, go to: Immunocal® Science


The result of the research lead to the following:

  • To date, there are over 40 double blind / placebo controlled studies which have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. Research continues… You can review some of these studies here: Immunocal® Clinical Studies
  • Method of Use Medical Patents in 23 countries, plus the European Union. The key patents are: Anti-cancer therapy, HIV Treatment and Increased Immune Response You can review the patents here: Immunocal® Patents


Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had to make the choice between:

  1. Believing the words of a marketing guru / advertising genius.
  2. Believing the facts showing that a natural product has been recognized so remarkably in 23 countries, plus a massive political union of highly progressive countries.

I would definitely be putting much more belief in the latter of the two. In fact, I might wonder why the other products do not have this sort of credibility if they are so good and safe for my consumption and that of my children??



What is in Immunocal®?

  • A box of Immunocal® contains 30 individual packets (sachets).
  • Each packet contains 10 grams / 0.35 oz of whey protein isolate powder.


Immunocal® Supplement Facts



What makes Immunocal® so special?

Immunocal® is a specifically formulated dietary food supplement, which contains a highly unique and carefully monitored pure whey protein. A highly technical extraction method (discovered, developed and patented by Dr. Gustavo Bounous and Immunotec® Inc.) is used to isolate these specific whey proteins. Most importantly, the process carefully preserves the whey proteins so they remain in their natural or undenatured state. The protection and integrity of these very fragile proteins is critical factor that makes Immunocal® the most unique and powerful whey protein isolate, because it is these very same proteins that raise glutathione, which is what helps to optimize the immune system.

To summarize:

This special process is what allows Immunocal® to maintain a unique composition of critical amino acids, lactoferrins, immunoglobulins and other proteins which are proven to improve our immunity.

  • Immunocal® is the highest quality specially prepared undenatured whey protein isolate available in the world, BAR NONE.
  • Immunocal® provides all the essential amino acids you need to live.
  • Immunocal® is healthier for you than any other protein, and has the highest known biological value.
  • Immunocal® is: fat free, lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, antibiotic free, pesticide and herbicide free.


If real science is what you want from your health choices, buy Immunocal.



How is Immunocal® different from other products that claim to raise glutathione, to have antioxidant power, or to improve our immune function?

Well, it’s no secret that there are some great antioxidants out there and those of us with the knowledge indulge regularly with these special foods. The difference is that these antioxidants are all foreign to the body. I like to refer to them as helpers because that is what they do… they help our body… but they are not native to our cells.

It is a medical and scientific fact that glutathione is your body’s “master antioxidant”. Glutathione is native to the cell, it is produced inside the cell, it has always been there, without sufficient levels of glutathione, our immune systems fail, among other problems and we subsequently die.

So, the antioxidants found in: red wine, exotic fruits, shiitake mushrooms, chocolate, grape seed extract, beta carotene, and any other potion, lotion, pill, tonic, ingredient, or substance, will have certain benefits (tonics, pills and potions are highly debatable, depending what they are and what they are made from), but NONE of these can actually benefit the body without the presence of glutathione.

Glutathoine, being the “master and native antioxidant” has to be present and in sufficient amounts in order for any and all other antioxidants to function properly.

Taking Immunocal® is proven to raise intracellular glutathione levels by providing the natural precursors (building blocks) in their purest form and highest concentration. This improves immune response and effectiveness of all other foods and supplements we may consume that have antioxidant properties.



Is Immunocal® Safe for You and Your Loved Ones?

Immunocal® has a track record of safety since it came to market in 1997. Hundreds of thousands of customers have safely taken and trusted Immunocal® since that time and those numbers continue to grow, day by day.

Personally, I have experienced tremendous results with my own immune system and that of my childrens. Even as small babies I gave them Immunocal® and we were blessed with having kids whose immune systems function at high levels. Thus allowing us to completely avoid anti-biotic use and to be blessed with limited colds and infections that they would normally be down and out for several days. Instead, the new normal for us is when then sniffles come, they get extra Immunocal® and 95% of the time, nothing develops. If something does develop, it clears up incredibly fast with no anti-biotics necessary.



What about people who are already healthy?

Many top professional and amateur athletes around the world count on Immunocal® to keep them as healthy as possible. These include Olympic athletes, professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, NBA, world class skiers, mountain climbers (including one who conquered Mount Everest) and of course all varieties of amateur athletes.

Athletes, especially at the professional level are very susceptible to colds and flus because they punish their bodies with excessive amounts of exercise. One of the other jobs of glutathione is to eliminate the oxidative stress caused by these workouts. So, they put extra strain on their available supply of glutathione. Taking Immunocal® has shown in a clinical trial that a 13% increase in performance was attained. In addition it has been reported that extra workouts are made possible and recovery time is dramatically increased. Plus of course, they do not get sick as often and recover much faster if they do.


If real science is what you want from your health choices, buy Immunocal.



So, what about healthy “normal” people taking Immunocal®?

I like to look at this as a ticking time bomb. Take a look around you… At this time in human existence, it is nearly impossible to avoid things that are unhealthy for our bodies.



It is impossible to avoid toxins in our foods. As far as I am concerned, even the highest valued organic foods (even though they taste much better) still have toxins because they are totally unavoidable (they are in the air and rain, plants consume both). If you start talking about this GMO stuff, this is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen for anyone who is consuming these foods.

What removes these toxins? Glutathione!
What optimizes glutathione? Immunocal®!




Tap water from city water lines has been cleaned and sterilized with chemicals; ground water could easily be contaminated, even if at low levels which are considered acceptable, bottled water has been proven to contain various levels of toxins and other pollutants. So, unless you are drinking from a high quality and properly maintained water filtration system, you are drinking certain amounts of toxins. Other things you drink, such as; juice, pop, milk and beer are also going to contain toxins.

Basically, anything you buy from any kind of store will contain toxins and other pollutants that are bad for our health and depending on the source, the levels will range from extremely low to extremely high.

For those of us who are willing, able and capable to grow, cultivate and harvest our own foods (plant or animal) you still cannot avoid toxins because they are a normal part of our environment.

What removes these toxins? Glutathione!
What optimizes glutathione? Immunocal®!




What do you live downwind from? How many cars are in your city? What kinds of chemicals are sprayed on the fields close to your home? For the vast majority of us, the air we breathe is toxic (either at high or low levels).

What removes these toxins? Glutathione!
What optimizes glutathione? Immunocal®!


It really does not matter what you do in our world today. Pollution levels are increasing year after year as the global population continues to expand and advance. It is these pollutants and toxins that are causing our bodies to break down.

Our bodies simply cannot keep up to the demand that has been placed on our immune systems and more directly, the glutathione levels of our cells.



Immunocal® is the answer!

Immunocal® is the food supplement every member in your family should be using on a daily basis if you wish to ensure their bodies are sufficiently able to synthesize glutathione in order for the glutathione in the individual cells to eliminate the poisons that can cause damage.



Who CANNOT take Immunocal®?

  • Anyone with a specific allergy to the components. This does NOT include people who are lactose intollerant. Immunocal® is lactose-free.
  • Anyone taking immuno-suppressant medication to avoid rejection of an organ transplant.

For a complete list of FAQ’s regarding Immunocal®, click here.


Common mis-spellings of Immunocal®:

Immonucal, Imunocal, Immunical, Inmunocal, Imunnocal, Immuno cal


If real science is what you want from your health choices, buy Immunocal.



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