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Glutathione and Prostate Cancer – Information

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Someone’s Prostate Cancer Story – along with some hope!

Do you know anyone with prostate cancer?

They say that if you have to get cancer, prostate cancer is the one to get because it progresses very slowly. So, you can relax a bit more…

Well, I have a better idea… How about if we don’t get cancer at all?? :) That would be a bit more relaxing if you ask me. How about if we raise glutathione levels in the cells so the body can do the job it does so well, normally. I personally knew someone who was told they have prostate cancer. He was around 70 or so at the time. The doctors said not to worry about it because he would die from old age before prostate cancer would kill him.

So, there was no treatment…and not much concern. A few years later, he died from liver cancer… hmmm… maybe we should have realized there is an underlying problem with the immune system???

Prostate Cancer, just like any other cancer is very dangerous!!


What people need to start being aware of is that if cancer is starting to grow uncontrollably, fast, slow, whatever… it means there is a problem with the immune system. More precisely, with decreased glutathione levels which thereby affect the immune systems ability to function properly, along with multiple other critical cellular roles.

If you would like to review all the roles of glutathione in the body, click here, you will be amazed.

The next obvious question is, how do you make more glutathione? Don’t be fooled, this is not such a simple thing to do. You have to be very careful what you consume. Products with NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) have toxic doses… This is a drug that is used in emergency rooms and for specific scientific studies where a spike in glutathione is wanted. It works, but crashes again later, sometimes below baseline values and is not recommended as a regular supplement.

Glutathione, as a supplement is also available for purchase, but this has been proven ineffective also, since the molecule itself is too large to be absorbed by the cell and is simply digested and expelled from the body.

The only safe and effective way to raise intracellular glutathione is with a precursor, which the body digests, sends to each cell where it enters the cell, combines with 2 other precursors and voila, intracellular glutathione.

Now, you have to ask yourself this question - Do you want the best?

Immunocal® Platinum with prostate cancer ribbon, Immunocal® raises glutathione levels


Immunocal® is a product that is proven, documented, researched and tested since the 1970′s, validated by 40 Double Blind/Placebo Controlled Studies and backed by Domestic and International Medical Patents in 23 countries, plus the European Union? 

Or do you want someones knockoff that has no proof?

We all know the difference between NIKE and a knockoff and you cannot compare shoes to prostate cancer!

Of course, you want the real product and that real product is IMMUNOCAL®.

At the following link, you will be able to read some testimonials about Immunocal® and prostate cancer. You can also access several other types of testimonials about Immunocal® and how people have benefited in their life.

Discover a product, right now, that has more proof than anything else. Even doctors are recommending Immunocal® to their patients. This amazing product was released to the market in 1996 and today Immunocal® is beginning to penetrate the market all around the globe. People everywhere now have a chance to use the best nutritional supplement ever discovered for increasing intracellular glutathione levels.

We are not talking about another tonic or something with questionable science. We are talking about a real product that has so much proof and documentation behind it that ANY doctor in the world who investigates this, will stand behind it and recommend Immunocal® to their patients for increasing glutathione at the cellular level.

This is a product with: 

Domestic and International Medical Patents
40 completed clinical trials (double blind/placebo controlled)
33+ years of research
marketing by a 17 year old, debt free, publicly traded company

Immunocal® is a Natural Supplement has been granted ANTI-CANCER Medical Patents.

If you or someone you know has cancer, you must read this information site. This product is also patented to: IMPROVE ACTIVE HUMORAL IMMUNE RESPONSE and as an HIV-Treatment.

When you look at those 2 well known diseases, AIDS and CANCER, as drastically different as they are, then consider the patented improvement in IMMUNE RESPONSE. We must open our mind to the possibilities that this product just might be something our bodies desperately need, for these and many other conditions.

HIV and AIDS, unfortunately, remains a disease most people assume is caused by an individuals careless actions. This may be true in some cases, but there are countless stories out there where people did nothing careless and they are now living with HIV / AIDS. There is however a strong hope today that the immune system can attack and kill this virus. The possibility of this can only happen with (among other factors) optimal intracellular glutathione levels.

What can it mean to our immune systems to have something so well documented and proven to raise glutathione levels, that there are MEDICAL PATENTS stating an effect on these diseases mentioned above and one that covers the entire spectrum of immune response?


* This product is NATURAL with no chemical additives or preservatives

* The source of the product is organic, clean and pure

* It is safe for all ages, from newborns, to pregnant or nursing
mothers, kids, teens, adults young and middle aged and works even
better the older you get.

Let me repeat that so you see…

SAFE FOR ALL AGES – Pregnant/nursing & newborns to 99+




These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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